Dvořák Teacher

Měšťanská beseda


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The fi nal part of the Dvořák trilogy, created by the Pilsen Philharmonic for Dvořák Prague International Music Festival, is aptly titled Dvořák Teacher. We fi nd ourselves in the 1890s in New York, where the famous Czech composer befriends his pupil, one of the fi rst black students, Harry T. Burleigh, during his engagement at the conservatory there.

By means of the show, it is as if Dvořák is teaching us how - rather than dividing and separating - ideas, words and works should be combined, connected and Pilsen Philharmonic for Children and Youth developed for further fl owering of not only music, but all goodness.

Svatopluk Schuller, Zbyněk Fric: hlavní role / leading role
Chuhei Iwasaki: dirigent / conductor
Plzeňská filharmonie

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Dvořák Teacher

Měšťanská beseda


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