Paint Your Music


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It is possible to paint music? Can music convey an image? You will be surprised how close tones and colours, rhythm and lines, or chords and shapes may be. Our mysterious but charming guide will guides you through the centuries and open not only your eyes for perceiving images and your ears for listening to music, but they will also open your own heart in order to be able to handle these experiences. In order for you not to miss any, in order for you to be able to accept it, let it flourish inside you and go back to it long after. After undergoing our new programme, you will also be able to identify basic features of the different artistic styles that you will be suddenly more familiar with, as well as with actual music and visual arts ... a music and art show.

Svatopluk Schuller: starring

Martin Pášma: script

Tomáš Ille: music

Renáta Fučíková: art cooperation

Chuhei Iwasaki: conductor

Pilsen Philharmonic 



For children between 6 - 15 years. 

In cooperation with the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and of the University of West Bohemia. 


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