The Pilsen Philharmonic will perform both of its June subscription concerts

Due to the favorable development of the coronavirus situation and the possibility to use 50% of the hall capacity, the Pilsen Philharmonic decided to realize both of its June subscription concerts on June 10 "Pastoral 2" (Our Concert Masters) in the Diamant subscription line and on June 17 "3 x B" (Josef Špaček) in the Platina series.

 However, all visitors to the concert will be obliged to comply with the regulations of the Government of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic regulating the rules for organizing cultural events during the concert. It is therefore necessary to monitor the development of the situation and current coronavirus measures. An affidavit of self-test at Covid 19 will suffice. However, it will still not be possible to sit in its subscriber seats due to mandatory divisions between spectators.

 In any case, the possibility of purchasing respirators will be provided on site (to protect the respiratory tract, it will be necessary to wear it throughout the concert).

 For the above reasons, it will be possible to enter Měšťanská beseda on these days at 5.30 pm.