The Tongue of Saint John


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What do the inhabitants of remote continents know of the Pilsen region? The answer is the world famous lager, for example. It is surely so. However, several centuries earlier Catholics in a considerable part of Europe, South America, Asia and other places already knew of the native of Nepomuk – Saint John or also Johnny. The Vicar General of the Prague Archdiocese, John of Nepomuk, died a martyr’s death as a victim of the despotism of King Wenceslaus IV. As a result, he became the most famous Czech medieval political prisoner. His legacy outlasted the period of the Hussite Wars and he was fully venerated particularly after the Battle of the White Mountain. What contributed to the world fame of this Czech saint? Who spread his ideas in distant lands? What famous artworks have been inspired by our Johnny? But above all – what about his tongue? It lives even today, almost 630 years after his death? The new multimedia show of the Pilsen Philharmonic, designed for a child or family audience called the TONGUE OF SAINT JOHN, will answer everything.

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