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Advantages for subscribers

The same seat for all concerts of the cycle.

Discount 30% for events held within the Smetana Days festival.

Upon request, we will send you a new season brochure post.

The subscription fee includes a 25-40% discount for concerts of the selected cycle of the Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra.


Automatic booking of the subscription for the following season.

Automatic newsletter of Pilsen Philharmonic.

Subscription of Pilsen Philharmonic is still for sale

We have extended the sale of our subscriptions till the beginning of the new concert season. Now you can buy your subscription on-line!


Subscription Cycle

Our faithful subscribes, because concert series Diamond, Platinum, Crossover, Rainbow will no longer exist from the 2020/2021 concert, we cannot reserve your existing seats, when you buy new season ticket. We know, it is a big change for you, our long-standing listeners. However, we present two brand new classical series to you, that are exceptional. And we belive, that you will not resist our offer and that you will like to obtain the season ticket for both classic series. 

Subscription Cycle Diamond

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Subscription Cycle Platinum 

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Subscription Cycle Crossover

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Subscription cycle Rainbow

Pilsen Philharmonic will uncoventionally guide young listeners through music and will show them that classical music is not strange at all.

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