First time at the concert?



How to dress up for a concert?

To fit in with others, it is necessary to choose a suitable clothes. Thanks to the democratization of public and social life, the strict rules of formal dressing have been partially abandoned, but the label has its limits. If you wear casual suit or dress, bussines casualsuit or semi-formal suit, you will definitely not make a mistake.



When to applaud? (Do not clap between sentences)

Between the different phrases of musical cycles (symphony, sonata, suite) do not clap. This is not to interrupt  the continuity of the musical piece. If you are not too experienced in this matter, wait for the majority to applaud. Please do not forget that you should not leave your place during the final applause, it would be rude to the performers.



What is the sentence?

The musical term of a sentence has a dual meaning. You can interpret it as part of a large cyclical song in a symphony, sonata, concert, chamber music, or as a small sentence that is a multi-point musical section, which is usually a 4-beat range (sometimes shorter or longer).



Why to take a program?

It contains biographies of the soloist and the conductor, moreover it includes information about the origin of the work - it can help us to understand the particular piece of music. A specific program is also included (sentences, compositions) and therefore the audience knows when to applaud.