Igor Ardašev, artist-in-residence

Igor Ardašev´s artistic biography is decorated with
many important prizes. He is an interpreter with the
ability to analyse music in detail and convey the result
to listeners with uncompromising persuasiveness. Igor
Ardašev is our most outstanding pianist after Rudolf
Firkušný and Ivan Moravec. He has collaborated with
many prestigious orchestras of the world and the Pilsen
Philharmonic appreciates that he has accepted the
offer to become its artist-in-residence.

“It is mutual. I appreciate this offer very much
as well, because the collaboration with the Pilsen
Philharmonic and the conductor Chuhei Iwasaki is
always a pleasure for me. I would also like to mention
the beautiful ambience of the Municipal Meeting
House (Měšťanská beseda), where the concerts take
place. We recorded some pieces of music with the
orchestra and its chief conductor Chuhei Iwasaki
on-line for the Liberation Festival in its concert hall
during the pandemic period in the past year – the hall
was without audience, however, we felt and played
comfortably even under these conditions thanks to the
inspiring atmosphere of this beautiful place. We have
agreed on interesting interpretative tasks for this and
next season, to which realization I am looking forward
very much.”

Igor Ardašev