I am Moojok Ojaak or the Bear Eater

Český rozhlas Plzeň, Studio S1

350 CZK

Detail information

An unconventional and engaging narrative by JAN ESKYMO WELZL alias Moojok Ojaak / the Bear Eater or Arctic Bird, a native of Zábřeh in Moravia, polar explorer, Eskimo headman, Supreme Judge of Indian Justice, hunter, mail carrier of the High North, inventor, fi sherman, sailor and ship’s captain, writer, doctor, engineer, merchant, gold digger, simply a jack of all trades, adventurer, great prankster and world traveller.

The show is suitable for all young audiences aged 8–15.

Svatopluk Schuller: hlavní role / leading role
Chuhei Iwasaki: dirigent / conductor
Plzeňská filharmonie

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